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Cathie, with her marvelous waist of 15 inch is always a joy!

Corset made by Melanie Talkington of Lace Embrace Atelier in Vancouver, BC


Cathie Jung - Spanish Cay 2006

Q. Hi Cathie:  Just wanted to ask you about a fitting question for my new corset.
I can't seem to tightlace it flat and was wondering if I am doing something wrong.
I can get it to meet side to side at the tops and bottoms but the center 3-4 inches seem to gape in a small oval.
Should I leave the entire corset open parallel evenly until I can get all the sides to meet evenly?
The open space is only about a 1/2 inch mid-back, but I cannot seem to close it together yet.

Cathie: I would try leaving the corset open evenly until you can lace it down. See if that helps.

Dear Cathie,  You are truly an inspiration. I have recently started tight lacing, and was wondering if you could help. I bought a corset and it fits me perfectly, but I have a sensitive nerve in my back. I'm at the point to where I can lace the corset nearly all the way closed. However the nerve causes the right side of my chest to burn. The only way to alleviate it is to have about a three inch gap in the the back about three or four inches above my floating ribs. Any advice on what to do? I'm in the Texas/New Mexico border area so there are no corsetieres within a 400 mile radius.
Thank You.

Cathie: I would try lacing it tightly for a short time and then releasing it to a tolerble level--perhaps this will enable you to desensitize the spot. Keep me advised.

Q. Dear Cathie,
Hope you are enjoying this beautiful spring we've been blessed with in New England.
I wanted to first thank you and congratulate you for your display of tightlacing in a positive and beautiful manner.
Cathie Jung - Spanish Cay 2006The second reason I write is for my girlfriend who tightlaces everyday. We live in New York City, and as you can imagine, and I'm sure you can attest to this yourself in Connecticut, the summers are miserable for anyone, to say the least for a girl who wraps a thick, reinforced garment around her waist. We took the liberty to purchase a Summer Corset from Wasp Creations last year, and even then, she found that there were days that she couldn't bare it. She wears a lycra corset liner to protect her skin and the corset and finds that it traps most of her body heat (she tried old cotton tanktops, but they bunched up, and irritated her skin). I saw in your FAQ's that you had suggested to someone else the use of 3M's Tegaderm underneath the corset. I have not been able to locate this product in any size larger than 4"X4" patches, and even then, a box of 8 is outrageously expensive if we were to use these to cover her midsection all summer long. I was wondering if this was the manner you recommended Tegaderm, or if there was some other way I'm missing.
On a general level, do you have any pointers I can share with my girl for how to make the Summer more manageable while laced?
I appreciate any time you put to this query and thank you in advance.
Kindest regards.

Cathie: Thanks for your note.
Re your girlfriend's problem, I don't think a tegaderm would be a good solution in a heat situation. The best solution in this case would be frequent showers and liberal dusting with cornstarch baby powder. If it is too hot and steamy I would leave the corset off unless I could be in air conditioning. Keep me advised.

Cathie Jung - Spanish Cay 2006Q. Forgive me for my bad English, I'm from Sweden sooo.
Hello! my name is Amanda.
I saw you on outsiders( the swedish tv-program) and I was very surprised when I saw you.
I have always wonder why all this obsession with our bodies have to exist...I mean, I am very aware of what I wear and how my hair looks an so on..but I cant see any meaning with changing my bodie or operate or something like that.
Are you sure that this kind of thing you have done with your body isnt built on insecurity???
Im well aware of that what you have done cant not be compared to plasticoperation or something like that. But isnt the "thinking" (meaning) just on the same??
My personal opinion on how you look with the corset (don't no if corset is the right word but i hope you understand what i meant) I think that your waist is WAAAAY to small.. it looks like a character in a comic strip or something near that...(I dont mean to be mean now) and you seems to be a very nice and normal person besides that, so it just makes me wonder..if you know how I mean??
I belive that this is BIG sign that you're out after attention, and maybe you're well aware of that..but i cant understand the meaning?


Cathie Jung - Spanish Cay 2006I mean, if you want attention why not do something you can feel proud about so that people look up to you?
I hope you understand that this is not an attack from my side or that I want to make you feel bad.
Im just a big "thinker", I think very much about everything:) and all this questions comes up then..
I hope you get the time to read my email and I wish you the best of luck in everything you do!
Tace care// Amanda

Cathie: Sorry you feel that way. I'm very comfortable with my body and receive far more positive comments than negative. I do not do it for attention and very often wear loose fitting clothing. We did enjoy working with the Swedes here in the Bahamas.

Q. Hello Cathie!
Your site is wonderful end outstanding.  I do like mature women, and erotic like you are very very nice.  Your poses are hot and erotic.





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